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Net IP®

The last decade of internetworking and cellular revolution renovated our planet as a ‘Global Village’. The networks being the backbone of Internet web and Cellular infrastructure played a very vital role within these phenomena. NETSAT realizing this revolution strategically placed itself to remain prepared itself to play its role within the internal Internetworking. We specialize in providing ‘Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)’ infrastructure to a level of creation of complex Local Area Networks (LAN), Enterprise solutions & diversified Wide Area Network (WAN). Our selection of medium like of Copper, Fiber Optics, Microwave & Satellite & designs of complex networks with the mix & match of various technologies had been witnessed for their success & satisfied performance.

The award-winning technology products and expertise provide our clients with most powerful and intelligent technology solutions to support convergent voice, video and data through a solid end-to-end foundation. We make the deployment of essential information sharing network a seamless and secure reality so that you never miss a step in the designing and implementation of e-business applications.
Net IP® is the Networking division of NETSAT which in has enriched resources and expertise to design, integrate, operate & maintain all sorts of LAN / WAN solutions with the provision of ICT & Enterprise infrastructure. With the satisfied client base in different segments of Pakistan market, we aim to enter in Middle East & nearby regions with our similar cutting edge networking capabilities.
Net IP® combines depth and breadth of expertise with extensive experience and a full-service portfolio to support customer needs in ICT, empowering the enterprise to realize customer vision while developing dependable networks.

Net IP® provides wide range of networking services along with the prerequisite ICT & Enterprise infrastructure. The service portfolio of this division includes: Read More

  • Program Management & Consultancy
  • Corporate Internet Services & IP Trunking
  • Dedicated Router Access Port (DRAP)
  • Shared Router Access Port (SRAP)
  • MPLS Backbone Services (DPLC)

Program Management & Consultancy:

Net IP® understands the strategic importance of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Infrastructure to be developed for its clients and offers its services to ensure successful implementation of the ICT infrastructure. Net IP® Program Management team delivers the management of project from start to finish, in order achieving completion on time, within budget and according to customers expectations. Net IP® with the assistance of their highly skilled professionals provides Program Management support across all phases of the project lifecycle providing focused and continuous support. Net IP® Program Management is about excellence in execution, ensuring on-time delivery to customer request dates, achieving the financial commitments contained in the contract, and building a foundation for reliable performance. Program Management brings discipline to execution by providing:
Thorough up-front planning that assures executability before the contract is signed and enables rapid mobilization with best use of scarce resources : Read More
  • Timely reporting of execution metrics that triggers corrective action before crises develop
  • Rigorous change management to maintain clarity of focus on scope and deliverables
  • Focus on Customer Acceptance that assures all commitments are met
  • Development and implementation of a Performance Management Baseline, as well as Program Management operational and support plans
Net IP® Consultants have a wealth of knowledge in the design of Dependable Systems that are Secure, Reliable and Fault Tolerant. Amongst other critical areas of and Enterprise ICT Infrastructure, Net IP® consulting team offers its services in such critical areas as the design of Enterprise Directory Services, Encryption & Certificate Management Infrastructure / Security policies & procedures. The consulting team offers the following services which form the foundation of a Dependable ICT Infrastructure: Read More
  • Service and Resource Profiling m,
  • Security Audit
  • Security Policies and Procedures
  • Need and Risk Assessment
  • Vulnerability Analysis

Corporate Internet Services & IP Trunking:

Leveraging on its core competence in integrating dependable & most advanced means of networking infrastructures NETSAT provides scalable & manageable Internet backbones connecting its customers to high speed global internet streams giving them access to Teir-1 Internet Service Providers. Our internet working solutions support the business cycle and deliver measurable business benefits to our clients. Our market focus and inherent strengths give us the ability to quickly turn technology shifts into best-of-breed, real-world solutions.

Net IP® presents its highly dependable Internet Services to its customers located in Government, Corporate & SME sectors via Fiber Optics and highly dependable microwave / wireless links in Point-to-Point & Mutlipoint configurations. We present internet bandwidth pipes ranging from 64Kbps to 155Mbps from our pools of Dedicated and Shared Router Access Ports (RAP).

Quality your customers can rely on:

Providing you with seamless, guaranteed, CIR-based termination into the Internet backbone, Net IP® allows you to deliver a first-class user experience that our customers will appreciate.

Convenient one stop shopping

With NETSAT you get the convenience – and the favorable economics – of true “one stop shopping” for all your infrastructure needs.

Matchless versatility:

ITS, is enabled by highly dependable backbone pipes we can offer multiple Internet trunking and termination options. Net IP® can support thin- to large-size trunking up to multiple OC3/STM-1 requirements as well as enable you to support applications such as Intranet & VPN etc.

Speed to market:

ITS, highly reliable in-orbit and terrestrial connectivity infrastructure provides everything you need to quickly reach customers in developed or traditionally underserved areas. Enabling you to focus your time and resources on building your business.

Virtual Private Network

It is ideal for the companies with branch offices at remote locations, who need access to the company’s network resources. Net IP® VPN service enables you to send data across Net IP® Internet infrastructure with security features of a private network at an economical price. VPN’s are generally cheaper than real private networks using private lines. Net IP® VPN implementations typically fall into three categories: intranet, extranet and secure remote access. Our VPN’s can be dynamic or static. Static VPN’s are up full-time. Dynamic VPN’s operate on demand and are more commonly used for mobile workers and telecommuters.


  • Easy administration of remote access users
  • Saves long-distance toll charges, cost of leased lines and dial-up access
  • Encrypted & Secured Data transactions
  • Network-to-Network VPN Dialup (VPDN)
  • VPN over router
  • Centralize your remote access to a single point of entry
  • Easy and quick connection to all network resources

Broadband Internet (Internet Via Satellite)

Net IP® represents a number of leading Internet Service provisioning having access to Tier-1 backbone provides IVS, Internet Via Satellite without relying on terrestrial lines. Speed can range from 20kbps to 155Mbps in symmetric or asymmetric modes, which ever suits our client’s requirements. Net IP® IVS broadcast services provide high-speed connectivity while enhancing your capabilities. It allows in-country service providers to offer end-users a hybrid solution where traffic going out of the country is handled through the existing infrastructure. However, the return traffic is delivered to end-users at speeds up to 11 mbps using 1.8 meter diameter earth station, relieving all bottlenecks and chokes.


  • Ideal for software houses and ISPs
  • Data downloading seed ranging from 64kbps – 155mbps
  • Fast Broadband Internet access.
  • Single HOP connectivity to global Internet backbone.
  • Most suitable for medium and large networks

Shared Router Access Port

Ideal for small businesses enterprises (SME) which require heavy browsing with speed & reliability at a competitive price. This method is suitable for an office network of approximately 10 – 30 users. A dedicated router serial interface is allocated to the client, which is connected to the client’s router. The link will operate on the basis of Bandwidth-on-demand and can burst to full link capacity, when available. The local loop connectivity from the ISP to the client will be carried out through Fiber Optics, Wireless & Satellite networks

Dedicated Router Access Port

DRAP provides 24-hour Internet facility with speed, consistency and steadfast connection with heavy and frequent email usage. Net IP®Internet router is dedicated to the customer and the service is delivered on Fiber Optics, Wireless & satellite based networks. Internet port will be delivered to the customer premise on Committed Information Rate (CIR) basis. The last mile connectivity from the customer premises to the Internet port can be achieved via point-to-point / point-to-multipoint wireless link or fiber leased line or satellite link. Keeping in view the customer’s data requirements, larger bandwidth and different connectivity options can also be provided.

MPLS Backbone Services:

Fiber Optics is considered to be the best media ever developed by human being, because of its speedy communication, lesser latency, least data losses and best reliability. This is exactly why most of the users prefer Fiber based network to be operated at least between main / regional offices. This gives them better response time, least hassles for bandwidth as Fiber supports Giga bit speed in each of its core. This also protects latency when linked between distant sites /offices and re-transmission from head end.

NETSAT being one of the largest IT & Telecom services provider in Pakistan market, has planned MPLS services to its esteemed corporate clients in Pakistan. We realized this emerging market niche in Pakistan and are developing our infrastructure to create a highly dependable Fiber Optics based backbone between its proposed Point-of-Presences (PoP) located in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad initially. This will follow the phase wise expansion of our MPLS services into ten major cities of Pakistan namely, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Quetta, Multan, Faisalabad, Silakot, Peshawar, aside from Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad. Unlike other service providers in Pakistan, this backbone had been provided with satellite backup which makes it more dependable than our competitors. In addition to satellite backup, NETSAT has planned to create fully-meshed fiber connectivity between its Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad stations which will provide additional level of redundancy and our client shall get more than 100% connectivity.

Please refer to the following structure which NETSAT is aiming to develop to provide backbone based services specially to corporate clients & TV operators at a price which is very much affordable and prevent its esteemed clients to do capital investment to build delay oriented satellite network rather than Fiber Optics.