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Net Sat®

The service vertical of NETSAT which provides the wide range of satellite based services and solutions is Net Sat®. Our satellite solutions being provided by this division had been awarded with the customer’s satisfaction for the brilliance and dependability of its services. Net Sat®, being containing the core competence of NETSAT expertise and largest infrastructure contributes its major role in company’s achievement from the time of its inception in Karachi Pakistan and has been very prominent in delivering complex projects with a distinct ease and excellence.

Net Sat® realizing the difficult situation of maintaining wired-based networks by the service providers in Pakistan, has planned to provide its state of art satellite technology services tailored for the specific needs of its customers in Pakistan. We believe in utilizing the latest & innovative technological trends, transponder capacity of leading GEO stationary satellites covering Pakistan in C & Ku bands, we enjoy the distinctive edge to design customized solution for its customers.

Focusing a newer market niche in Pakistan with the emergence of Media sector in Pakistan, Net Sat® is has planned for Teleporting operations in Pakistan. Our experienced engineers, who had successfully designed, deployed and operated several uplinking / broadcasting infrastructures in Pakistan have planned to serve Media Market with the similar brilliance.
Net Sat® has planned to provide following satellite based services in Pakistan within its portfolio: Read More


Net Sat® Dedicated Bandwidth Connectivity Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) circuits are designed to establish communication channels between two points on Earth irrespective with their location. Our VSATs operate seamlessly within extreme weather conditions like from the mid of ocean, to the mid of deserts and from the mid of deserts to the peak of mountains. Even these situations can’t stop our VSAT operating for guaranteed committed information throughputs higher BER. We ensure the selection of latest technology designed by our globally renown technology partners, mixed with the transponder capacities of leading satellite operators and backed up by highly effective & dependable support services.

Net Sat® employs a fleet of geostationary satellite spacecrafts as a resource to deliver SCPC services with our customers using SCPC VSAT terminals to establish bi-directional radio channels. This allows us to provide broadband communication services at any point in the world with bandwidth rates ranging from 64 kbit/s and up to a full transponder.

Unlike TDMA-based services, Net Sat® SCPC satellite circuits are not multiplexed and guarantee 100% CIR bandwidth rates. Service can be configured to support symmetric or asymmetric bi-directional channel configurations to serve a variety of communication needs. Net Sat® terminates SCPC circuits either at terrestrial teleport facilities in Middle East, Europe or United States or any other point on the globe equipped with the Net Sat® SCPC VSAT terminal, as requested. This allows our customers to apply SCPC services to a wide range of applications, including guaranteed multi-megabit Internet backbones, VoIP and Videoconferencing transport, Enterprise File Transfer, database synchronization and CITRIX, or to form Star-topology Enterprise WAN networks.

Along with traditional platforms Net Sat® provides Dedicated Bandwidth Connectivity services using highly integrated SCPC technology. Our SCPC solutions enables the delivery of dedicated services with QoS, RTP compression, TCP acceleration, DNS cache and IP routing – all built-in in our SCPC package solutions when asked the solution over turnkey basis. Our SCPC solutions are tailored to our clients exact requirements and are also a more economical option in terms of both initial and recurring expenses.

Net Sat® Dedicated SCPC bandwidth connectivity services overview: Read More

  • Available in star & mesh configuration
  • Presented in several topologies like SCPC / MCPC in Point-to-Point & Point-to-Multipoint scenarios
  • High performance service and skilled 24/7 technical support
  • In addition to Ethernet, Net Sat® SCPC ⦁ VSAT terminals support G.703 interfaces (T1, E1, T2 and E2), EIA-422, EIA-232, HSSI (Serial LVDS) and V.35.
  • Data rates from 64 kbit/s and up to full transponder
  • Support for optional redundancy switches
  • High order modulations and efficient TPC or LDPC FEC
  • SCPC – integrated CIR service with a choice of full QoS support, TCP acceleration, IP routing and low cost of terminal equipment within our packaged services
  • Full compatibility with Net Sat® VoicePlex and DataPlex IP compression algorithms


In order to provide highly dependable satellite-based services, Net Sat® had selected to implement the State of the Art Technology designed & manufactured by no one else, but Efficient Channel Coding (ECC), USA. Net Sat® enjoys its monopoly within Pakistan market to own such infrastructure.

NETSAT & ECC jointly responds with a solution based on the industry leading ECC brand, the most advanced and modern broadband IP platform available today and enjoyed by over 4,000 broadband customers in United States and 3,000 in Australia and Europe combined.

ECC provides real world digital communications solutions for some of the world’s most advanced networks. They design and deliver satellite communication systems, broadband communication ICs, and customized commercial and government solutions. Their technology innovations increase the efficiency of today’s most advanced satellite, wireless and wire-line communications systems.

NETSAT & ECC are confident that after reviewing the exact requirements, our clients shall agree that the ECC system is best fit for its need because of the following features that are unique to DVB S2 offering: Read More

Provision Of Satellite Transponder Capacity

Net Sat® is one of the few leading Satellite Service Provider of the country which can provide transponder capacity of multiple approved satellites which beam into Pakistan. These satellites include: Read More

  • Eutelsat Satellites
  • Intelsat Satellites
  • Newskies Satellites
  • Asiasat satellites
  • Paksat satellites
  • Singtel Satellites
  • Loral Skynet
  • Chinastar satellites

(For details of these services please refer to our services brochures or contact our Corporate Sales team)


Eutelsat Communications is the holding company of Eutelsat S.A., the leading satellite operator in Europe for video and data services and one of the top 3 global providers of Fixed Satellite Services. Created in 1977, Eutelsat is today the world’s third largest satellite operator and the leading operator in Europe. With the youngest fleet in the world, combining benchmark technologies, Eutelsat possesses all the assets that will enable it to continue its development in a global environment in which broadcasting and broadband services play an increasingly vital role. In commercial satellite communications, Eutelsat owns one of the youngest fleets in the world. From orbital positions between 15 degrees West and 70.5 degrees east. The company provides coverage across four continents spanning Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, eastern North America, and South America.


Intelsat is a powerhouse in the satellite-based communications industry, with more than 55 satellites, 22,000 route miles of video fiber connectivity, experienced professionals on six continents, four U.S. teleports and agreements for international teleport access around the world. Intelsat’s global network of satellites connectivity provides unparalleled coverage of America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. This global network enables our customers to reach millions of people covering vast geographic areas or offers them the ability to target specific groups in cities, countries or regions. Each satellite is designed to provide the maximum flexibility in power and coverage. To learn more about PanAmSat’s global network, view TeleSats polar chart that displays our state-of-the-art satellite fleet, fiber connectivity and ground stations.

Newskies Satellite

New Skies Satellites owns and operates five geostationary communications satellites that offer high-power global coverage for the delivery of video, Internet, voice and data transmissions services virtually anywhere in the world. This space-based communications system, one of only four truly global fleets offering fixed satellite services, is supported by experienced professionals on five continents and a worldwide network of owned and affiliated media port facilities. These vast resources allow New Skies to offer a wide range of cutting-edge and reliable satellite services to broadcasters, cable programmers, news agencies, telecommunications carriers, Internet service providers, corporations, governments and distance-learning networks. In total, New Skies fulfills the diverse communications needs of more than 250 customers located in over 79 countries worldwide.


Asia Satellite Telecommunications Company Limited (AsiaSat) was formed in 1988 as Asia’s first privately owned regional satellite operator. Since the launch of its first satellite, AsiaSat 1, on 7th April 1990, the company has been dedicated to providing high quality satellite services in the Asia Pacific region. It has 28 linear C-band and 20 Ku-band transponders, with 16 operating in the FSS (Fixed Satellite Service) and 4 operating in BSS (Broadcast Satellite Service) frequency band. AsiaSat 4 offers extensive C-band coverage across the Asia Pacific region and focused Ku-band beams for Australasia, East Asia and Hong Kong. AsiaSat’s satellite fleet provides services to both the broadcast and telecommunications industries


Paksat 1 provides low cost, high quality satellite communications services in both C- and Ku-bands to Pakistan, Africa and the Middle East. Paksat 1’s 30 C-band transponders and 4 Ku-band transponders provide the total range of satellite communications capabilities. The satellite is in a geostationary orbit at 38° East Longitude, and carries high power payloads in both bands. Paksat 1 transponders are priced well below market rates. The satellite is ideal for use by businesses looking for low cost-of-entry to the satellite service market or to leverage the advantages of satellite communications. ISPs can use the satellite as a highly cost effective means to access the European or American Internet and to extend their reach into remote areas where broadband terrestrial capacity is not available. The satellite is also well suited for video contribution and distribution.


Serving both the corporate and consumer markets, the SingTel Group is committed to bringing the best of global communications to customers in the Asia Pacific and beyond. Over the years, SingTel has grown to be a global player with a strong regional heritage. With one of the most extensive and advanced telecommunications infrastructure, the Group offers unparalleled reach in Asia and beyond. SingTel’s highly developed international network provides direct connections from Singapore to more than 100 countries. It is a major investor in many of the world’s most sophisticated submarine cable and satellite systems. The Group is the second largest satellite operator in the Asia Pacific. SingTel’s ability to support multi-national corporations (MNCs) on a cross-border basis is anchored by its extensive network of SingTel Global Offices (SGOs). Found in 37 cities in 19 countries and territories across Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States, the SGOs provide MNCs with a single point of contact.

Loral Skynet

Loral Skynet has built a global network that offers a broad array of solutions to meet your communications needs — wherever they may be — by combining the power of geosynchronous satellites positioned in space with high-speed terrestrial fiber. By using broadcast technology, Loral Skynet seamlessly transports high-quality data, voice and video content for television programming, telephony, business communications, high-quality audio, broadband, and Internet connectivity. A pioneer in the satellite industry, Loral Skynet delivers the superior quality of service, range of satellite solutions, and unparalleled reliability that have made it an industry leader for more than 40 years. With its fleet of satellites and its established hybrid VSAT/fiber global network infrastructure, Loral Skynet offers a unique source for all broadcast, data network, Internet access, and IP needs. Headquartered in Bedminster, New Jersey, Loral Skynet is dedicated to providing secure, high-quality connectivity and communications


Operating self-owned international and national satellite space segment for communications and broadcasting and satellite control facility system; operating and managing satellite data communications, VSAT, satellite navigation, satellite mobile communications and related central stations; engaging in the import & export of satellite and accessories as well as other satellite-related communication facilities; contracting the projects such as design, manufacturing, sales, installation, maintenance and technical consulting of the equipment related to national satellite communication and broadcasting services; investment, business operation and technical consulting regarding communication systems home and abroad; research and development of new technologies in satellite communications and broadcasting.