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We offer Media Consulting Services to media houses and broadcasting companies with best-of-the-breed products from leading global Media & Broadcast solution vendors, complemented with our expertise in System Integration and Project Management services. Our Broadcast Solutions can ensure cost-efficient planning, development, engineering, implementation, optimization and maintenance of your broadcasting infrastructure and promotional tools.

Our Media Business Consulting services can give the IT push required to transform your business processes to meet the global Media & Broadcasting industry standards – helping you offer world-class products and services with consistency.

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Media Consultancy Services (MCS):

As the competition for increasing the viewership share intensifies, television channels have to significantly improve their operations and processes with the right blend of Media Consulting services. They require advanced, proven Broadcast Consulting / Media Consulting Services to ensure an effective, accurate and impressive workflow – right from setting up studios, establishing satellite links to content gathering, processing, editing to finally telecasting programs for viewers.

Net Media®, through its Media Consultancy Services (MCS), offers television channels an absolutely automated workflow by flawless integration of numerous components and related services, which can play a crucial role in the efficient development and telecast of content.

Our MCS offerings include:

Media System Integration Services (MSIS)

With the state of the art expertise, Net Media® is aiming to be a leading Broadcast System Integration service provider. We design and set up all the constituents of your production infrastructure.

Through our Media System Integration Services (MSIS), we utilize best-of-the-breed products from leading global broadcasting solution vendors, to develop a highly customized solution to match your precise requirements. Being one of most experienced Broadcast System Integrators in the region, we have fine-tuned our services to ensure desirable solutions for you – meeting your performance, operations and cost requirements.

Our Broadcast Integration Services also include the requisite support on a regular basis.

Our MSIS offerings include:

Integrated Media Solutions

Net Media® by virtue of the excellence of the experience of its technical team, tends to presents Integrated Media Solutions for the broadcasting sector in Pakistan. Our turnkey and comprehensive Media Management Solutions focus on achieving absolute compatibility between the various, multi-vendor hardware and software in use.

Our Integrated Media Solutions (IMS) work in tandem with our Broadcast Integration Services, to ensure optimization of the workflow across various phases and facets of your broadcasting operations

    The areas covered by our IMS include:

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  • IPTV Turnkey solutions
  • FM Station Turnkey solutions
  • Media Asset Management solutions
  • Up-linking Stations & Contribution VSAT solutions
  • Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG) solutions & Fly Aaway Solutions
  • Outdoor Broadcasting (OB) solutions