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Net Wave®

Net Wave® being the RF Services vertical of NETSAT, can cater customer’s requirements for Point to Point (P2P) & Point to Multipoint connectivity in respect to Metropolitan (MAN) solutions as well as last-mile delivery for high-speed Internet and Frame Relay connectivity.

The wireless devices operate within the frequency range of ISM-Band (2.4 GHz) and C-Band (5.8 GHz), as per the directives of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). The proposed solution by Net Wave® is based on 5.8 GHz Radio Frequency Wireless Data Technology in all the node cities.

Net Wave® preferred Wireless Devices:

InfiNet Wireless

InfiNet is in a unique position, being one of the largest privately owned Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) development and manufacturing companies in the world. Since foundation, InfiNet has maintained organic growth through innovation and the ability to deliver complete customer satisfaction throughout. Listening to its customers over more than 20 years of research and product development has created a range of fixed wireless connectivity solutions that are a perfect fit, and therefore the natural choice, for global communication corporations and governments and all who require uncompromised connectivity.

InfiNet’s wealth of experience and understanding of radio frequency innovation, in addition to the real world needs of customers ensures that its products combine unsurpassed reliability and functionality, enabling the delivery of truly flexible wireless networks capable of delivering unparalleled quality of service.

To date, InfiNet Wireless has forged a solid foundation in carrier grade fixed wireless installations, and has over 100,000 deployments from the plains of Siberia to the wilderness of the Sahara.

Netkrom Solutions

Netkrom Technologies was founded in 2003 in Lima Peru, to provide service and Project Implementation Solutions Wired and Wireless Communication Industry as Corporate, Government, Education, Health, among others. Its main application Public Security and Survelliance. Netkrom in 2011 expands operations to American, Columbian & Chilean markets by installing new offices to participate in the implementation and integration of ICT & Security Solutions

Exalt Communications Inc.

Exalt Communications is a forerunner in the global Internet revolution, delivering high-value wireless systems that transform the economics of connectivity. Exalt wireless systems extend or complement network fiber and replace now-outdated copper, enabling customers to accelerate time-to-market, optimize network performance, and reduce network infrastructure costs. Today, over 2,000 global customers, from the world’s largest mobile operators to independent service providers, government agencies, and multinational enterprises depend on Exalt systems as they move their applications to the Cloud, enable mobility, and connect the unconnected.

Redline Communications

Redline Communications is the creator of powerful wide-area wireless networks for the most challenging locations and mission-critical applications. Redline networks are used by oil and gas companies to manage onshore and offshore assets, by militaries for secure battlefield communications, by municipalities to remotely monitor infrastructure, and by telecom service providers to deliver premium services. Hundreds of businesses worldwide rely on Redline to engineer, plan and deliver secure and reliable networks for their M2M, voice, data and video communications needs—in locations that include the deserts of the Middle East, the rainforests of South America, and the frozen Alaskan slopes.