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Net Vas®

The Value Added Service vertical of NETSAT – Net VAS®® the most innovative VAS into Pakistan.
Net VAS® can provide the following services

Messaging & Collaboration

Through our strategic industry partnerships, Net VAS® can implement advanced messaging solutions, including corporate-wide email implementation, web based email, work flow processing and collaboration, teleconferencing, and Internet to fax services.

Our Certified Professionals, Systems Engineers, and Trainers offer a complete solution, including assessing your system requirements, installing, configuring, and training.

Email Solutions

Email in offices is almost universal – and is well on its way to becoming the most widely used communication mode both between and within companies. Net VAS® can setup a company-wide email system based on MS Exchange Server, as well as provide web-based solutions that can allow employees to access their messages even while traveling, or from their homes.

Unified Messaging

Net VAS® is working with leading edge technologies to introduce Unified Messaging in the workplace, which will tie together email, voice mail, fax and teleconferencing to present one source for your electronic communication needs – regardless of the type of message your receive, or the device you retrieve it from.

Knowledge Management Solutions

Knowledge Management relates to how information is stored, retrieved, communicated and shared in an organization. Efficient flow of information is essential for quick and effective decision making. The philosophy behind Knowledge Management is to structure the flow of information throughout an organization, so that the learning of one person within the organization is passed on to others, and is available to the organization even after the person has left the company. Knowledge Management also involves consolidating data and presenting it in a way that is manageable and comprehensible, so that it can be made sense of and trends can be spotted early. Knowledge Management includes – but is not limited to – the use of emails, unified messaging, collaboration, and corporate intranets. Net VAS®®’s expertise in this area lies in its ability to deploy leading Knowledge Management tools such as Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, Outlook 2000 and the “Digital Dashboard”, Project 2000, Project 2000 Central, and SQL Server.

Video Conferencing Solutions

Net VAS® has been providing the tools that allow you to meet, learn, teach, share, plan, and communicate with success. Net VAS®’s video conferencing solutions continue the Net VAS® commitment to exceptional quality and ease of use. Net VAS®’s PC-centric platform provides for an unparalleled set of collaboration and communications tools. PC-based systems are easy to use, and offer you the same powerful tools in your videoconference that you use on your desktop or laptop PC. From the demands of the classroom to the corporate meeting room, Net VAS® gives you the convenient and interactive tools to get the job done

Net VAS® – a pioneer in the videoconferencing industry. Our products enable to meet and collaborate – face-to-face – with a local office or international team. Net VAS® specializes in developing application-focused videoconferencing solutions – to meet your demanding communications needs. Our track record of success extends to a variety of fields, including education, legal, healthcare, corporate applications – in other words, anywhere distance learning, training and communication makes sense. And for many great reasons – unmatched video and audio clarity, multiple network connection options, and simple user friendly interfaces.

System Integration Solutions

Network infrastructure is not just about adding hardware. It’s about applying rigorous, integrated software and network services that allow your business to operate with heightened standards of customer service. Net VAS®® is the only system integrator that has the capability to build and manage your essential network infrastructure, as well as enable your successful transformation to a seamless online business.

Net VAS®®’s integration Services focus on delivering end-to-end solutions for our clients. This service focuses on detailed design and implementation plans for linking applications (custom or packaged) to each other to create a solution. We help companies take advantage of Internet technology to: Read More